Stoned Apes

The next chapter of SAC is here

Space Missions

Over the last year, we built the No1 Cannabis NFT.

check out the fresh stuff we created below to know how.

Stoned Ape lifestyle

    Everything around storytelling. See the unfolding story of Puff Valley. Puff Puff πŸ€ŒπŸ’¨

    Meetups and events at different locations -
    - Puffin' Los Angeles with freakin Roddy Ricch.
    - Puffin' New York @NFT.NYC.
    - Puffin' Amsterdam in the summer.

    Exclusive Drops for limited collections. SAC Apparel, products, accessories in our store.

Gamified on-chain utilities

    Transform your ape in our first-to-be-seen NFT evolution process

    Rescue a Nuked Ape by sending two apes on mission and burning $PUFF.

    Awakening: The first-time a whole detailed art collection is animated. Awaken your Stoned and Nuked Apes by spending $PUFF to animate them.

Stoned Entertainment

    Launch Party in Amsterdam Puff Puff πŸ€ŒπŸ’¨. Check out the aftermovie

    Elevating community created content and giving a stage to real- & meta-world artists.

    Have fu*kin fun together at future events and meetups!

Monet - a common place for communities

    We like to build cool tech.

    Over 200 communities signed up. Over 12,000 users

    Members can create raffles, accept multiple tokens and have revenue share for their communities.

$PUFF Ecosystem

    Our green utility token that builds an Ecosystem and is already integrated all over Solana. Learn more

    Mint new collections in $PUFF, buy SAC products and even other things with $PUFF.

    Stake your apes for daily rewards of $PUFF. Apes with roles get 2x $PUFF. Awakened ones even more.



Stoned Ape Crew, established in 2021, is the top dawg in the Web3 cannabis world. We’re a bunch of chill apes who dig digital art, technology, and all things creative. We call Puff Valley our home and the Stoned Ape brand, its story, and our $PUFF token are the building blocks of our ecosystem - in it, our members get to enjoy a hot lineup of exclusive experiences and benefits.

  • Initial Supply


  • Traits


  • Mint Price

    0.69 SOL

  • Launch

    28th Nov '21


Each Ape has a role in the stoned metaverse. What will your role be?

Learn more about our Origin Story

Artist 🎨

Rumor has it that the first drawing our artist genius created back in times, was from his two girls: Maria and Juana.

Earns 30 $PUFF + 42 $ALL per Day

Business Ape πŸ“ˆ

The ape who sold weed before fire was even discovered, telling you it will be higher in price tomorrow.

Earns 30 $PUFF + 42 $ALL per Day

Farmer 🌱

The best thing: He makes his own fertilizer.

Earns 30 $PUFF + 42 $ALL per Day

Scientist 🧬

Have you ever heard about psychedelic bananas? No? Ahm we neither...

Earns 30 $PUFF + 42 $ALL per Day

Not a role but still loved ❀️

Chimpion πŸ™‰

PUFFin and chillin with his friends in the Stoned Ape Crew, dreaming of one day getting a role by being sent on retreat.

Earns 15 $PUFF + 42 $ALL per Day



Your Stoned Apes can be staked and earn you $PUFF every day. Chimpions earn 15 $PUFF per day.
Role based apes such as scientists, artists, farmers or business men earn 30 $PUFF per day.
With $PUFF you can buy real stuff or send your Chimpion ape on retreat.

Retreat & Evolution

Chimpions can move up in the metaverse by going on retreat. There they party with their friends
and with a bit of luck come back with new role.
Two retreat options are available. The basic retreat for 333 $PUFF or the advanced DMT retreat for 666 $PUFF.
On the basic retreat your Chimpion has a 60% chance of getting a new role or trait. The DMT
retreat features extra chilled parties, therefore the chance for a new role or trait is 80%.


We have done a lot.


Created in Austria, the United States, Germany and all over the world.


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