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Community is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in building the most chill community on the internet at Stoned Ape Crew, the #1 stoner community of web3 - welcoming everyone. Consisting of members from all walks of life - bonding over cannabis culture, NFT’s, creativity, and the Stoned Apes brand. A diverse community of creatives, developers, traders, business owners, cannabis industry big-wigs, you name it. Our community is our flame.



We are the creatives of the internet. Stoned Ape NFTs are embracing cannabis culture and bringing together a wide range of creative minds. We are exploring the blurred lines of what an NFT can be and try to build products where we see needs. In that regard, we try to use the principle of giving; giving as much as possible to our holders, so that our holders are incentivized to help us spread the message and scale the products we build. It’s a true synergy. NFTs are at an early stage and we are looking forward to experiment more with what it can be.

Physical World

Physical World

Stoned Ape Crew is bridging the gap between IRL & web3 through the Stoned Apes lifestyle brand; merchandise, accessories, stoner smoking products, IRL events, creative culture, community, partnerships, as well as tech solutions (i.e; PayLeaf) - an ecosystem all built around Stoned Ape & Nuked Ape NFTs, the $PUFF token, and our amazing community.



We are trying to build products where we see needs. Focus is on solutions for web3 and the cannabis space, such as PayLeaf, a crypto payment solution we have built to solve numerous payment issues for dispensaries in the cannabis industry. In addition to this, we have developed a variety of web3 tech for the Stoned Apes ecosystem. In many cases, being among the first to make such developments on Solana, leading the charge for those who followed. Now we want to help, help simplifying the life of other NFT projects, providing them with a web3 tech suite so that they are able to focus on the essentials of what they are creating.

We are guided by our passion for beautiful art, our community and our builders mentality to create fuck*n dope products.

Take a look at what we have done so far

Our Journey

The team gets together

ABO + PFO + MFS + CFO + BCM had a call.

Pre-Mint Airdrops

The greatest flex at the time.

Epic community contests pre-mint

We wanted to create the tightest community ever pre-mint. MFers did backflips while shouting Puff Puff to get WL spots. Dope from the beginning.

Puff Puff

Our legendary crew slogan that was coined on one magic night in the Discord.

Own Holder Verification Tool

To make sure our community is safe.

The OG Collection: SAC

The Stoned Ape Crew was born on 28 November with our genesis collection of 4200 Apes. Sold out in 2 minutes. LFG!

Donation to

We believe in supporting organizations that align with our goals and values and move them forward in a positive way

StonedDAO + 4 Role DAOs

Community = Everything. With a new initiative coming soon.

Staking for $PUFF

Only one week after mint, our audited staking contract was launched. One of many firsts for NFTs. We had to explain what "Staking" was at that time. First to do this on-chain.

First-Ever NFT Evolution Process

Mid-December we launched our gamified NFT Evolution process, a first of its kind upgrade mechanism to update your NFT by burning PUFF.

PUFF integrations in the Solana ecosystem

PUFF quickly became a well-established token in the ecosystem - Raydium, Solcasino, LP Lending, Orca & more.

Burning 10M $PUFF

...through on-chain utilites

Nuked Apes

Our second collection, created by ABO to expand the ecosystem of the Stoned Apes and celebrate a new kind of art style. Recently reached 100k in secondary sales volume.

First SAC Appareal Drop

The OG Hoodies. Ofc paid for entirely in $PUFF.

Lucky Dip

Completely on-chain. Tickets available in $PUFF and SOL.

ALL Blue Experiment

Web3 SaaS, Incubator & NFT Launchpad.
We failed, but learned a ton. We are coming back stronger with a unique approach. Focus FTW.

Own SPL-Token Auctions

Moon Fuel CBD Drop

Together with an established and trusted lab in Switzerland, we designed Moon Fuel - our own CBD line.

SAC LA Event



Get those apes moving - first NAC and then SAC. A fully animated collection of detailed 2D art. Another first for NFTs.

SAC Online Store

Easy way to shop with your crypto wallet. We added some innovative features like 1-click-checkouts to make life easy for the Crew. It's what we do!

Stoned Launch Party in Amsterdam

COVID delayed us but we all got together for this. With exclusive event merch.

SAC Summer Merch

A breath of fresh air for NFT merch. Coming with the highest-quality materials. We wanted to make you proud to rep SAC.

SAC Fantasy Football Leagues

an exclusive league only for Stoned Ape holders

PayLeaf Beta Launch

A simple way for dispensaries to accept digital payments and for anyone to pay in a retail store with their mobile. Cannabis focused but good for any retailer.

SAC Ambassador Program

We build together with our community. A unique experiment in scaling a tech product with the community. Growing a community of business owners.

And now...


SAC Cannabis Accessories Drop

Expect top notch products


Expansion of SAC Brand within web3 & Cannabis

Building tech, building products, be prepared...

in progress

PayLeaf in Online Stores

IRL Products x NFTs

What could that be?


The next big thing



Oh metro..., Oh puff...


PayLeaf public launch & expansion

in progress

??? Studios

Expanding the ecosystem with more dope sh*t

Expect the unexpected

Yours truly - SAC Team